Great All-Committee Conference

I would like to thank every local who sent participants to the CUPE Nova Scotia All-Committee Conference, we had a great turnout and fantastic participation. Our committee’s Contracting Out plenary session was fantastic and we can not thank Jenna Brookfield enough for facilitating and organizing such a creative way to discuss the Health and Safety issues that arise from Contracting Out in our workplaces.

Our committee will use all of the information that the participants contributed to help continue to fight against any attempts of Contracting Out or Privatization in Nova Scotia.

In Solidarity,

Back in House

As part of its ongoing work to promote the value of publicly-delivered services, CUPE helped fund the production of the Columbia Institute report Back in House: Why local governments are bringing services home. The subject matter of this report is the core belief of this committee that services can be done in house cheaper then contracting out, while also providing a better service. There is a very Nova Scotia element to this report as well:

“There will be some people who don’t like the change, but you’ve got to get over
that,” said Mayor Billy Joe MacLean of Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, in discussing
his town’s move to bring snow removal services back in house. Contracting the
service in saved more than $200,000 over three years, and improved service quality.

We encourage every CUPE member to read this story and the attached report to see that Contracting In is really happening and that it will save money and provide meaningful and sustainable employment for members of the public service

Pages from Columbia_Back_in_House_May_16_2016_English_web


Click here to check out the report



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Stay Informed

The CUPE Nova Scotia Contracting out and Privatization (COP) Committee is committed to helping all CUPE locals of Nova Scotia fight against any attempts of contracting out or privatization of the public services of Nova Scotia. The best way to prevent this is by having you and your members become educated on COP. CUPE provides education material on the matter, if you click on either of the pictures below you will download the associated CUPE booklets

other-page-001bld-eng-fullReading booklets like these, published by CUPE, will help to keep you and your local informed on how to fight against Privatization and the expansion of P3’s in our public system. You can also fight Privatization at the bargaining table and CUPE is here to help you.

Privatization affects us all! We don’t want to see our public services sold off to private for-profit companies, who will never reinvest their earnings back into in the community. Public serviles provide the best means of delivering excellent services while also paying a living wage. This money gets reinvested back into our communities through spending at local businesses.

In Solidarity,

2016 CUPE NS Convention

The COP Committee had a great convention this year, and thanks to everyone who filled out our surveys!







Congratulations to our survey draw winner!

We will use the information that you have provided to us to and plan out what our committee will do, to help the members of CUPE NS, for the next two years!

Lets all stand together to stop our governments from Contracting Out and Privatizing our public services!

-Your 2016 CUPE NS
Contracting Out and Privatization Committee

Labour Federation questions private delivery of any health services

See the original story here

Halifax, N.S. – Nova Scotia Federation of Labour President Danny Cavanagh says he is not pleased with the news that the Nova Scotia Health Care Authority has approached privately-owned Scotia Surgery to see if they can possibly carry our more operations in the coming months during the seven year replacement of aging components at the VG Hospital.

“I can’t believe that after the recent million dollar decision of the McNeil Government not to privatize the motor vehicles, land and joint stock registries, that it would even consider allowing the private sector anywhere near our health care system, Says Cavanagh.

He says there is overwhelming evidence that there is no risk for the private partner who sucks every dollar they can from taxpayers for health care services that operate as public‐private‐partnerships (P3s) which are really private for‐profit “care”. This is and will be an erosion of our universal health care system where profit becomes the focus of the service instead of health care.

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The Perils of P3’s

See the original story here

A few months ago (Dec. 2015), CUPE Nova Scotia ran a series of newspaper ads across the province warning Nova Scotians about the perils of P3s (so-called public private partnerships).

The ads alerted people to the fact that Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government is seriously considering several new P3s.

See the ads here:

CUPE-P3_HfxHerald_12-19Dec NoInfoBox

This week we learned that the provincial government is looking at the P3 model to replace the Victoria General Hospital in Halifax.  See that news story here:

No federal money coming for Victoria General Hospital replacement

This despite a report to the premier from one of his own Deputy Ministers (Peter Vaughan) which warned against the dramatically higher costs for taxpayers, created by P3’s.

New Committee Website!

Welcome to the new CUPE Nova Scotia Contracting out and Privatization Committee!

We are trying to make a resource that can be used by all CUPE NS members for information on Contracting out and Privatization in their area and beyond. If there is anything you like to see on this site please contact a member of the committee, we want CUPE NS members to use the committee as a resource because we are doing this for all of you.

CUPE NSSee you all at convention 2016!