Back in House

As part of its ongoing work to promote the value of publicly-delivered services, CUPE helped fund the production of the Columbia Institute report Back in House: Why local governments are bringing services home. The subject matter of this report is the core belief of this committee that services can be done in house cheaper then contracting out, while also providing a better service. There is a very Nova Scotia element to this report as well:

“There will be some people who don’t like the change, but you’ve got to get over
that,” said Mayor Billy Joe MacLean of Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, in discussing
his town’s move to bring snow removal services back in house. Contracting the
service in saved more than $200,000 over three years, and improved service quality.

We encourage every CUPE member to read this story and the attached report to see that Contracting In is really happening and that it will save money and provide meaningful and sustainable employment for members of the public service

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