P3 Schools – 1997
P3 Schools are schools built by private companies and then leased to the province on a long term basis, usually around 20 years. P3’s are now being thrown out as an option for governments to upgrade aging infrastructure all over the country. The P3 schools make for a great case study of how bad the P3 options are because now that the lease term is up we can see how much they really cost. To this point we as tax payers have already paid over $800 million for these schools and now that the P3 lease term is now up the bill to purchase the schools is now over 200 million, for schools that are 20 years old.
NDP calling on McNeil government to release P3 School Contracts

Nova Scotia Power – 1992
Power rates have gone through the roof, no more answering to the public, and executive salaries have increased drastically since the time of privatization.
Liberal privatization plans will cost Nova Scotians